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LB Peak Performance officially started June 2019 with Coach Leo, a cell phone camera, about 15 mix-matched cones, and 8 mix-matched balls. It quickly became a valuable service in the community which quickly grew from Coach Leo and his brother to four junior coaches, an amazing administrator, as well as many amazing students and parents.

My dream for the academy was to create a space where athletes, specifically young people, can come to master their craft individually and away from their teams. The idea behind it is, we are that place that helps them improve as the individual player so when they go to their teams, they’re sharper, stronger, faster, clinical and so on.


At the Academy, players learn the fundamentals of the game through our signature ball mastery and tactical game play. They are consistently developing their game understanding and skills.

The system is built to ensure they’re always having fun, doing what they love, while improving themselves as players. The Academy is a safe space; an environment where your child(ren) is encouraged and continues to develop mentally, physically, tactically and technically.

Football is in my heart; I am extremely passionate about the game and continuously train hard to improve myself, so that I can be a better coach. I never want a child to leave their training session without a smile on their face and sweat on their forehead. I want them to always be happy to come to their training sessions.


I fell out of love with the game during my journey chasing the dream of becoming a professional player. Football became a job, a need, and a must and while yes, you must work hard for what you want, I put so much weight and emphasis on my goal of becoming a professional, that I never took the time to enjoy my journey. With time, my feelings changed for a short while, and I stopped chasing the football player dream.


I returned to Bermuda and for 6 years, I worked wherever I could. In my mind, becoming a professional footballer was no longer my dream. I was crushed because from a young boy, that’s all I looked forward to my whole life. For 6 years I felt lost, incomplete, confused and unsure of who I was outside of the ‘professional footballer’ dream. I moved from job to job feeling unfulfilled, knowing I was meant to do more.


While experiencing these negative emotions, I decided to invest in myself through personal development seminars, books, mentoring calls and life coaches – and it all paid off. Through self-development, it was evident that the two things I love the most are football and helping to develop and inspire the youth. This was the breakthrough of recognizing the idea of becoming a coach, and I was super enthusiastic about it.


Initially, I coached the U11 and U13 groups with Somerset Trojans for 5 years while improving my coaching brain every year since, through courses, mentoring calls, meetings, and now through the academy. I stuck with Somerset Trojans as a coach until I decided to focus more on improving players by way of 1 on 1 coaching.


From one spark a bush fire grows, and just like that I was now working with more players than time allowed for. This is when the idea of an academy group was born and I found my true passion – this is what gets my heart pumping!

I always try to make sure the kids are having fun, and learning without being discouraged so that they don’t fall out of love with the process. Life and football are one; in a sense, the game has many moments that teach life principles and I try to always pick them out and teach the kids.


I have had many bad experiences, but good ones as well. So when I look back, I know my experiences made me who I am and taught me all that I know. At the academy, I do my best to prepare the players for the good and the ugly, in whatever endeavor they embark on, through the lens of my life experiences.

We are building a better tomorrow through the game we love.

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